Whaaats been up?

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Whaaats been up? Empty Whaaats been up?

Post  Samantha on Wed Dec 03, 2008 12:14 am

It kind of sucks that we have competition...


Wow. I would have to say we have definitely got a lot further than those websites. But I do feel like we have been forgotten.

I seriously just posted the longest post and then my internet like died on me or something and it didn't save Sad
So.. what do you guys think? Should we give up on this place? We had We The King's support at one point, and they said they couldn't post anything about it on myspace for reasons~ But they posted about other people's, so maybe theirs is better? What do I know.

I know I am busy with school and applying for college. But I want to make this place better and I'm considering updating this place with a new layout and getting it going again. We're almost a year old. I don't want us to die yet.

I'm not exactly sure how to word out what I'm thinking/feeling. But with almost 200 members compared to the measly 38 they have on the other message boards :/ Come on.

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