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With every movement comes a set of laws, and this is no different. Here are just some rules and things you should know before you access the wonderful world of WTK message boarding.

A given, these boards are fairly new and due to the fact there's less people, there's going to be less to worry about when it comes to keeping things organized. But one place in time, this board will get bigger!

PLEASE do not trash talk other bands!

We will delete your post if it's pointless, un-needed, or repeated.

No n00dz! (except Peter...?)

We are not connected to We The Kings.

No sharing of personal information whether it be We The Kings, someone that isn't you, or any other band. If you have their number or address, great for you. We don't need to know it.

We'll probably mock you about something you post. It's nothing personal, promise! Wink

No board fights!

Please don't feel that the moderators Amanda and I have chosen are of greater importance. Gracias.

There will probably be more along the way. Anyone may feel free to notify me if there is anything I might've missed. I wrote it once and it got deleted, so I probably skipped over some things.

Peace, love, and We The Kings
BJ, and the crew!


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