gahhh WHY!!?!?!?!?

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gahhh WHY!!?!?!?!? Empty gahhh WHY!!?!?!?!?

Post  dani_the_dino on Sun Apr 27, 2008 10:32 am

so i jsut found out that the one real small venue here might be closeing i dont know all the details but i got this from the owner

Last night was a difficult night at Club Relevant. 3 years ago we made a commitment to provide an alternative other than a bar where young people could come and listen to music they like. I am still convinced that this is needed in our city.

There are some individuals who's actions are hindering what we are attempting to do. The majority of the kids and parents who attend events at Club Relevant act in a way that honors each person that is there. But there are others that do not. I'm convinced that they are a small minority of those who attend Club Relevant on a regular basis.
There are those who presently do not want to see Club Relevant remain as a venue. I'm also convinced that they are a small minority in our city. But they are a very vocal and influential group.

What I'm asking is that those of you who see the benefit of what Club Relevant provides to send an e mail to indicating the positive impact that Club Relevant is providing to the city of Virginia Beach, and why you would desire that Club Relevant continue as an option for the youth of Hampton Roads.

My hope is that the voice of the majority would be heard over the voice of the minority. If Club Relevant is something you want to see continue, don't wait or assume someone else will speak for you. Let your voice be heard now and send the e mail to

Also pass this onto to others if you want. Especially if there are parents that support and alcohol free environment that we provide.

Mike Osborn

gah i dont know what id do with out this venue!!

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gahhh WHY!!?!?!?!? Empty Re: gahhh WHY!!?!?!?!?

Post  caitlynohh on Sat May 03, 2008 8:58 am

i know its horrible DD:

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